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Cageless Dog Boarding

We are not your traditional dog hotel or boarding facility. Is your dog part of the family? Our stress free environment is exactly what the vet ordered.  Allow your dog to socialize and relax with other furfriends throughout the day. At night they can pick a spot on the dog couch or one of the many dog beds. We love each dog like our own!

Doggy Daycare

Tired from a long day at work but your dog is ready to play? Family coming into town have a busy day planned? How about just want to treat your dog to a day of fun. A day at Pawfessional Sitters of Miami's Doggy Day care is a great way to burn off that energy. It is important to keep your dog exercised to maintain a balanced life. They say " a tired dog is a happy dog " and couldn't be more accurate. Allow them to run and socialize with other dogs instead of staying home all day. They won't want to leave guaranteed!

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