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Our Promise

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At Pawfessional Sitters of Miami we promise to provide a safe, comfortable, relaxed, home-style environment for your pet. This minimizes you and your furry companion stress and anxiety any time that you must be away from home and cannot take them with you.


We Do This By:


Never using any crates, pens, cages or kennels. All dogs roam free 24 hours a day and have 12 hour a day indoor and outdoor access while boarding.



Your pet home alone?

 Book them a walk. We believe that like anyone, pets are happiest and healthiest when they have a balanced life. In addition to food, water and sleep a balanced life should include regular exercise & socialization. 

Pawfessional Sitters of Miami specializes in all, In- home pet care visits for: dogs, cats, goats, chickens and more! Our services provide a great sense of security for pet owners who travel frequently, work long hours, or are simply taking a well-deserved vacation.

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